Microsoft Word - StandardizingRFPs_Whitepaper_03.docxI am proud to announce the release of a new branding whitepaper, Standardizing RFP’s: 3-D’s of Branding, available from IridiumGroup. A composite of the research and series of posts offered over the last few weeks, this best-practices document shares general guidelines for marketers and communications professionals who are tasked with developing RFP’s to send to their outsourced partners and prospects. Through Discovery, Development, and Deployment, this whitepaper shares a standard industry methodology for process that will provide managers with the basic structure for a large comprehensive engagement, or even one marketing component of the overall, holistic work plan. Whether it is a website redesign, flagship campaign, signature event, or an overarching audit of all branding and communications assets, this strategy-based architecture for work is time-tested and proven to yield successful results. (Editorial contributions from Frank McGill and Gary Dozall, Orgcentric.net)

It’s a valuable, concise, practical guide for anyone given the responsibility of managing internal teams, or charged with developing a smart RFP for prospective agencies.

Contact us through email at dflinchum@iridiumgroup.com to receive a copy.