Cowen Group, a 95+ year-old investment firm, engaged IridiumGroup to lead a global rebranding and develop a new website which would serve as a cornerstone for the new brand.

Our team worked collaboratively to leverage the company’s tagline, “The Power of Focus,” a positioning based on their commitment to five industry sectors. Interviews with C-level stakeholders were combined with weekly status meetings and presentations to the executive committee. Our directional recommendations led to a new signature and visual identity system that leveraged the company’s positioning and distinctive corporate culture. The final website design was inspired by the company’s drive toward innovation, paired with traditional values: a unique culture of Cowen Group, and a clear differentiator.

The elements required for this initiative were cascading style sheets, site-wide search functionality and indexing, tiered navigation, and coordinated color schemes for each section of the website to assist in wayfinding and improve information hierarchy.

Technologies Implemented: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL

Launch site