The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR) required a redesign of its brand identity and flagship member website with a focus on improved content organization, greater efficiency, and an audit to better understand members’ needs. In considering what new functions could be added to the website, we began with a robust research phase to learn more about the features deemed most beneficial for users.

Insights from the research phase and from the discovery interviews conducted in client meetings were manifested in a series of wireframes that organized the content so that the website’s information architecture was more intuitive and consistent. When approaching the design of the site, it was important to recognize the audience as non-technical. This meant keeping critical elements clearly visible: A simple navigation drove visitors to important content and information, while a site-wide search function in an intuitive location allowed for quick location of content not on the homepage. A visually captivating top-third of the site displayed multiple events, news, and articles in an auto-rotating carousel.

In terms of content management, the INSAR team wanted a system they could manage themselves, without having to employ web developers for every update and content addition. However, the multi-layered site meant an advanced CMS was required. The Drupal platform was selected for its strong content publishing and indexing capabilities along with a simple back-end user interface that allowed just about anyone on the INSAR team to update and manage the website.

Technologies Implemented: HTML, CSS, AJAX, Drupal, MySQL, jQuery, Third-Party Application Integration

Launch site

“Thank you so much for providing us with these great solutions. All of the work you presented to us was fantastic and we are so happy to see our vision come together.”