Lutheran Services in America (LSA) is one of the largest nonprofits in the United States with more than 280 independent health and human service organizations. LSA partnered with IridiumGroup to create a cohesive visual identity system and global communications that would encourage unity among the various operating groups while allowing for the individuality of each local organization.

The new brand identity features the positioning statement “Together We Can,” emphasizing the power of coordination and unity among the vast network of social service organizations. Working as agency-of-record, IridiumGroup also created usage guidelines, an annual report, a website, a mission brochure, conference tools, and e-newsletters.

“When Lutheran Services in America embarked on a major visual identity redesign we knew we faced significant challenges because we are a complex, multi-faceted organization. The people at IridiumGroup have been a tremendous help. They listened and learned quickly, and combined with first-rate design skills, the results speak for themselves.”