IridiumGroup was contacted to lead several initiatives for this prominent, Washington, D.C.-based policy and research organization. The largest engagement was the strategic development of a new brand identity system, a partnership that required interviews with key stakeholders and substantial diligence, culminating in a brand health report presentation. This work informed and guided the creative phase, manifesting a new signature logo and system of visual language. The new brand identity reflects an updated signature, visual identity elements, usage guidelines, and comprehensive family of template communications tools.

Once the new brand identity was established, we conducted a communications audit to better understand the most relevant issues and concerns of the member-donor community. This included better insights into key messages that resonate effectively across what were determined to be the most successful channels for communication for each audience.


The Heritage Foundation
Corporate Branding

“I was very impressed by the brand health report. I look forward to what I know will be a successful audit of our program”

“I appreciate your reaching out and being so dedicated to Heritage and our work together! Your brand presentation puts us on a really good path to getting started on the creative, by telling us what we’re doing well and where we have challenges. Our group will definitely find this useful.”

“I know we will continue to be in good hands with the Iridium team. You’ve all been a pleasure to get to know and thank you for the work you’ve done to date on behalf of The Heritage Foundation.”