Trust / Confidence / Commitment

Founded in 1995, IridiumGroup has served a range of companies, including media and business-to-business organizations, delivering brand identity systems as well as the development of flagship marketing and communications products. We have created enterprise-wide brand identities, but we have also applied existing brands to digital products, as well as integrated marketing and communications initiatives. Our experience in corporate branding and marketing has crossed industries and geographies, but we have earned a unique understanding of clients working in content-based businesses.

For many years our firm served a range of nonprofit entities, including public charities, private philanthropy, and member-based organizations. Many of these clients also worked in areas that were content-driven, such as medical and scientific research, peer-reviewed or academic media, and information services.

IridiumGroup has a storied heritage as a boutique firm delivering important, image-defining results for world-class organizations over a long term relationship. We have been selective, deeply committed, and proud of our professional associations and accomplishments for client teams who are considered our friends and partners.